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TheScaffoldWarehouse.com manufactures the majority of the scaffold products that we sell. We have the highest quality frame scaffolding, rolling scaffold towers, non-rolling scaffold towers, tube & clamp scaffolding, caster wheels, heavy duty post shores, construction shoring and system equipment available.

LTL Freight Classes changed for all scaffold shipments on April 15, 2016. Click on the link below for more details on this change. We are committed to providing the best shipping rates and delivery to our customers. Please call us for available options and let us provide a custom rate for your next shipment.
NMFTA Freight Class Changes

To maintain our LOW wholesale pricing, order minimums begin at $100 plus shipping cost. This includes online, email, phone, fax or storefront orders.
TheScaffoldWarehouse.com takes pride in our excellent customer service, large scaffolding inventory, and the ability to assist you with all your scaffolding projects. If you are not familiar with scaffolding, our scaffold team can assist you. We are EXPERTS at helping you determine what scaffolding works best for the project you're working on. Let The Scaffold Warehouse help you build your next scaffolding project at LOW Wholesale Prices!